Grewia pachycalyx

Botanical Name: Grewia pachycalyx K.Scum.

Common Name:         Large Flowered White Grewia

Plant Family:                Tiliaceae

Origin:                              Africa

References:                   Coates Palgrave p.695, van Wyk 1 p.242-243. S.A. No. 463.4, Zimb. No. 660


Description:  G. pachycalyx is a many-stemmed, deciduous shrub with tendency to scramble. The leaves are bright green on both sides. Flowers are white 3-4cm across with a mass of protruding stamens. Fruit is a shiny 4-lobed orange berry (2cm).

Features of Particular InterestG. pachycalyx has showy white flowers spread along the braches.

Height and Spread:  up to 6m, 5m spread.

Periods of Interest:

Leaf:  August to May.

Flowering:  December to April.

Fruiting:  March to August.


Soil and Moisture:  Prefers sandy soils and is drought tolerant.

Aspect:  Generally in sunny locations, but is tolerant of shade.

Hardiness:  Quite hardy, but sensitive to frost.

Maintenance and Pruning:  A scrambling bush so may require pruning in a garden.

Propagation:  Grows from seed or cuttings.

Problems and Drawbacks:  May be non-descript after flowering.

Use and Associated Planting:  G. pachycalyx is a useful screening plant.

Notes: Birds enjoy the flowers and fruit.