Ficus bubu

Botanical Name: Ficus bubu

Synonym:            Ficus kyimbilensis Mildbr. Ficus pachypleura Warb. 

Common Name: Bubu

Plant Family:      Moraceae

Origin:                Africa                            

Description : A semi-deciduous tree hemi-epiphytic or terrestrial.  


Features of Particular Interest: This tree is MASSIVE. Bark typically pale, sulphur green to white. Leaves are elliptic to oblong or subcircular, leathery glossy glabrous; apex rounded to broadly acute. Fruits borne on short spine-like forward-pointing spurs on the branches and trunk    

Height and Spread: Height reaching up to 30 meters

Habitat: A wide range of habitats from high rainfall woodland, evergreen forest to riverine vegetation and lake-sides.

Distribution: From the Ivory Coast to tropical East Africa, extending southwards to Angola, Malawi Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa.  


Soil and Moisture: Grows well in moist soils

Aspect: Full sun and lots of space

Hardiness: Tropical

Maintenance and Pruning: Watch the roots – they spread many many metres !

Use and Associated Planting: Bats love this tree…. A specimen  tree – great feature for a huge garden.