Albizia versicolor

Botanical Name: Albizia versicolor

Common Name: Red or Poison Pod Albizia, Ifumangoma, Mubaba, Mupumangoma, Mulungu, Mububa, Mpanga, Chisomwe

Family: Fabaceae (Legume Family) Mimosoideae

Growth Form, Habitat and Distribution: A medium-sized to large semi-deciduous tree, upward branching, usually from a short, basally-swollen trunk giving a spreading, rounded crown.  Occurs widely across Zambia, usually in Munga woodland but found in all woodland types except montane forest.  Fluffy white flowers ppear with the new leaves lasting only a few days – August to November.

Flat oblong crimson Characteristic pods which remain on trees for many months –ripening Sept – December

Size: Height up to 18m, usually smaller, spread 8 to 12m.

Uses: Sawdust from the wood is an irritant. The fresh pods are poisonous if eaten by wildlife. The roots contain a saponin.