Albizia adianthifolia (Albizia gummifera)

Botanical Name: Albizia adianthifolia (Albizia gummifera).

Common Name: Flat-crowned Albizia, Mubanse, Mutanga,

Kabanzi-banzi, Mtanga

Plant Family: Fabaceae (Legume Family) Mimosoideae

Growth Form, Habitat and Distribution: A large flat crowned semi-deciduous tree branching from a short trunk with upward, then lateral spreading branches forming a light, feathery crown. Confined to the wetter, northern and eastern parts of Zambia usually in dry evergreen forest, Miombo and Chipya woodland and common along roads. Its bark is dark brown to grey-black, finely fissured with small squarish scales. Exudes a yellow gum if damaged. Its flowers have white petals with joined stamens with a pinkish tip, August to November. Pods pale reddish brown ripening from Mayto August.

Size: Height up to 35m, usually smaller, spread 6 to 15m.

Uses: It is cultivated as a street or shade tree in Lusaka. The wood produces a good finish. The leaves are browsed and the reddish gum, roots and bark are used in traditional medicine.