Grewia monticola

Botanical Name: Grewia monticola Sond.

Synonym:                      Grewia oblique Weim.

Common Name:          Silver Raisin; Grey raisin

Plant Family:                Tiliaceae

Origin:                              Africa

References:                    Coates Palgrave p.694, Johnson p.126, van Wyk 2 p.167. S.A. No. 462, Zimb. No. 658

Description:  G. monticola is a small tree or shrub with bi-colored leaves, often occurring in riverine thickets. A variable species but the characteristic slightly drooping velvety golden growing ends of new branchlets and the generally roundish stems (some Grewias have square stems) are an aid to identification. The leaves of G. monticola have an upper surface which is bright green, whereas the under surface is slivery white. It has a short deciduous period in winter. G. monticola has yellow flowers, which are showy at times. The fruits are small and orange.

Features of Particular Interest:  Spreading growth habit with showy yellow flowers on the branches.

Height and Spread:  2m–10m, 2- 8m spread.

Periods of Interest:

Leaf:  September to June.

Flowering:  October to January.

Fruiting:  January to August.


Soil and Moisture:  Grows quickly in first two years and then thickens out.

Aspect:  Prefers sunny sites but is tolerant of shade.

Hardiness:  Not frost tolerant but is drought resistant.

Maintenance and Pruning:  A spreading bush so may require periodic pruning in a garden.

Propagation:  G. monticola grows readily from seed.

Problems and Drawbacks:  Not known to have invasive roots. Looses leaves in the dry season.

Use and Associated Planting:  G. monticola makes a good screen and is good in clumps. It is a persistent provider of berries for birds.

Notes: Attracts birds.